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Caffe Cino - Hilton Guam

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Guam's paper bag ban grace period

More info on Guam's paper bag ban dated May 2022 which extends the 'grace period' to July 2025

Guam's Law regarding plastic bags

Here's a link to Guam's law regarding plastic bags:




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Phade Marine biodegradable Timelapse

Phade 7.75" straws in stock

Stock has arrived ! Contact us for details.

Phade and the NY Yankees !

Congrats to Phade, the NY Yankees and Legends Hospitality for their eco friendly efforts! Pure awesomeness !

WinCup’s phade® compost-certified, marine biodegradable straws and stirrers to be provided at Yankee Stadium concession stands in 2022

Here's the link to the article pub…

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How to Compost

Here's an excerpt from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency:

Composting "how to"

Getting your own compost bin started can be boiled down to four simple steps:

  1. Make a compost bin or buy one,
  2. Throw in  yard waste and mix in kitchen scraps
  3. Add water as needed
  4. Mix it up …

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Fun in the sun

A day at the beach with Phade straws.

No, we didn't leave the straws on the beach, although we could have, just to add some color. Hahaha. 

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An awesome write up about Wincup's Phade straws

"The First, Best, and Final Straw"

Is the headline of the article published in North America Outlook Magazine:

If you would like to purchase Phade products, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Here's the full article:…

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Phade to the Superbowl !

Check this out! If you're interested in Phade products in Guam or the Marianas, drop us line, we'll be happy to help!

Here's the link to the full story:

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