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Caffe Cino - Hilton Guam

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Guam's paper bag ban grace period

More info on Guam's paper bag ban dated May 2022 which extends the 'grace period' to July 2025

Guam's Law regarding plastic bags

Here's a link to Guam's law regarding plastic bags:




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Guam adjusts to the plastic bag ban, what's goin on?!

We have noticed a sharp decrease in plastic bag usage, YAY! but from speaking to a handful of retailers, most if not all have opted to a "no bags, bring your own or buy a reusable bag from us" policy. I'm wondering why PLA and PHA products are not being promoted as an alternative to the unwoven cott…

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Guam's ban on plastic bags

So Guam's ban on plastic bags starts. Now it's a race to find a suitable, sustainable alternative!

Here's the full story published in the PDN:

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